About Our Courses

Our courses are designed for both businesses and individuals. Developed on over 20 years of experience, these evidence based courses cover the foundations of Mindfulness, and for those wanting to learn advanced Mindfulness topics. The courses help to free ourselves from negative and habitual tendencies. ‘stressing' about a future, reliving 'memories' of the past, or projecting (unnecessary) blame and frustrations on to others.

The Foundation Course [101]

In this foundation course you will learn about the origins of Mindfulness, and how and why its so beneficial. We teach five practices that will help to form new and positive neural pathways that can in turn bring happiness and well-being. This is a great course for those new to Mindfulness or those wanting to learn unique topics not covered in other courses​

The Deep Dive [202]

In this advanced course we go deeper into those topics covered on the 101 course, then delve deeper into what makes defines the ego, and how the subconscious mind runs determines our habits and behaviours. We then teach how to become friends with the Ego Self, and how to transform adversity in our lives. You will learn new and uniques techniques for better mind awareness, and health tips and tricks.

The Pillars of Change

With Doctor Patterson Stark &  Zac Parish


April 18th & 19th 2020 - Christchurch (Postponed due to Covid-19)

In this never before presented two day workshop you will learn evidence based mindfulness and lifestyle medicine practices for optimum health and happiness. This workshop will show you how obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer can potentially be reversed. Research shows that over 85% of disease is preventable. The science will show you how on this weekend.

More info coming soon.