Mindfulness workshops for healthier workplaces

Leadership Training

Latest research shows that successful  leaders and managers have three key traits. These being compassion, empathy and mindfulness. they are also happier and so are their teams! 

Compassion & Empathy

Compassion and empathy practice not only helps build and maintain great relationships but also helps reduce stress & anxiety, both for ourselves and others.

Focus, Stress & Anxiety

This session has been designed to help cultivate more focus/attention and to reduce stress & anxiety in the workplace.

Movement, LUX (Light)

This webinar covers evidence based exercise, movement and LUX practices to help oxygenate the body & mind and to support good sleep and rest.

Sleep Webinar

This workshop covers practical simple & actionable proven practices that help encourage better sleep, rest, recuperation and longevity.

5 Pillars of Health

Research shows there are 5 main pillars to Health & Happiness. No new fad diets and radical changes in lifestyle. Just evidence from the longest living people on the planet!

The Mindfulness Foundation [101]

In this foundation course you will learn about the origins of Mindfulness, and how and why its so beneficial. We teach five practices that will help to form new and positive neural pathways that can in turn bring happiness and well-being. This is a great course for those new to Mindfulness or those wanting to learn unique topics not covered in other courses​.

Mindfulness Deep Dive [202]

In this advanced course we go deeper into those topics covered on the 101 course, then delve deeper into what makes defines the ego, and how the subconscious mind runs determines our habits and behaviours. We then teach how to become friends with the Ego Self, and how to transform adversity in our lives, and the latest evidenced based health tips and tricks.