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Sleep - The Essentials

Sleep, or lack of is fast becoming one of the biggest health crises of this modern day era. Quite simply there is no area of our mental health and wellbeing that isn't affected. In this webinar you will learn essential information around why sleep quantity and quality is non negotiable!


The workshop covers practical tips. Simple, easy and actionable. This will help us regain our birthright. These often overlooked "proven" practices help encourage rest, recuperation and longevity.

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Sleep timing & quantity

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What to do to help sleep at night.

  Learn about

  • Sleep timing - Circadian rhythms, both day and night.

  • Sleep quantity - What food and lifestyle factors affect it.

  • Blue light - How it affects our sleep.

  • Circadian rhythms - Sunlight, vit D exposure and how to activate the body's internal clock for circadian rhythms.

  • Insomnia - What to do to help sleep at night. Foods and drinks to avoid.


Who should attend? 

Key management/staff.



The session runs for 1 hour depending on the time permitted. 

We offer in-person and online training options.

* If interested in customizing this training to meet specific requirements, please contact us.


Our courses provide management with tools on how to measure & report ongoing wellbeing outcomes.

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