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A new style of leadership based on trust & compassion

We are facing a new paradigm. Gone are the days of management and leadership training with one goal in mind; the bottom line! Research shows that leaders and managers who succeed are happier, have better teams and have certain skills and traits. These three common traits are compassion, empathy and mindfulness. They have teams that thrive, not just survive! Our courses provide management wellbeing training, including how to measure & report ongoing wellbeing outcomes.

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Create better attention & focus. Reduce distractions.

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Power of compassion (benefits for ourselves and others).

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How to manage with Mindfulness. Selflessness & Compassion


Learn about

  • Mindfulness training – stress management principles.

  • How to create better attention & focus. Reduce distractions.

  • Resilience & psychological flexibility.

  • How to build patience and tolerance.

  • Compassion and empathy – The differences between the two.

  • How to embed compassionate leadership - The best skill of leaders.

  • Joyous effort – building a positive & inclusive vision.

  • How to build and maintain trust.

  • How to manage uncertainty & change.

  • How to find and maintain workplace fulfilment & satisfaction.


Who should attend? 

HR & senior management


These sessions are tailored to the individual & management team depending on requirements.

We offer in-person and online training options.


Our courses provide management with tools on how to measure & report ongoing wellbeing outcomes.

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