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Movement and Exercise 101

movement and exercise

Category:   Lifestyle, Nutrition, Movement And Exercise Courses

Movement and exercise are crucial components of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise helps improve cardiovascular health, boosts mood, and strengthens bones and muscles. However, many need help integrating consistent movement into our busy lives. Several simple ways exist to incorporate more physical activity into our daily routine. By understanding the significance of movement and making minor changes to our daily habits, we can take important steps towards achieving a healthier, happier life. 

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Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation. Attention & Focus practices.

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Understanding the Mind and

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Embracing uncertainty & change

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Understanding cause &


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The power of compassion (benefits for ourselves and others).



This workshop will discuss how proper nutrition can help you fall asleep more quickly and promote restful sleep throughout the night. And if you do happen to wake up, following the method can induce the deep relaxation needed to drift back off quickly. So if you're tired of counting sheep, join us and learn how to optimise your sleep with the power of healthy eating.

Our courses provide management with tools on how to measure & report ongoing well-being outcomes.

Who should attend? 


Key management/staff.


This course is delivered over 3 sessions. Each session is 1 hour in duration and is all the training in run online.

  * Please let us know if we need to cusomise this training to meet your specific requirements.

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