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Movement & LUX (Light)

In this latest workshop you will learn evidence based movement exercises, combined with understanding LUX (Light) and circadian Rhythms. This will in turn help with optimum health and focus. Understand how light (LUX) sets you circadian rhythms (biological clock) coupled with simple and practical movement & stretching which help work all the 16 major muscle groups of the body, whilst oxygenating the brain. All in front of your desk! 

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​Posture stretches & exercises.

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Breath work to calm the mind & get better focus.

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Mindfulness planner.

Learn about...

  • ​Posture stretches & exercises. To support the lower back and to oxygenate the body & mind.

  • Mindfulness/Breath work to calm the mind & get better focus.

  • 4 Minute workout - Evidence based practice for quickly exercises the whole body. Easy to do for anyone.

  • LUX/Blue light management - How to reduce eye strain, activate the circadian rhythms. Get better sleep after work.

  • Daily desk Movement/Mindfulness planner.


Target audience


Key management/staff.


The session runs for 1 hour depending on the time permitted. 

We offer in-person and online training options.

* If interested in customizing this training to meet specific requirements, please contact us.


Our courses provide management with tools on how to measure & report ongoing wellbeing outcomes.

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