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Compassion For Ourselves And Others

building compassion with others

Category:   Relationships Courses

Compassion for ourselves and others is one of the key elements of building a harmonious and thriving workplace culture. By encouraging compassion among colleagues, businesses can gain a significant competitive advantage and build a powerful sense of empathy and teamwork. However, what exactly is compassion, and how can we cultivate it in our daily work lives? This informative workshop aims to answer these questions, clearly defining compassion and delving into scientific research supporting its benefits in the workplace. Join us on this journey of discovery and learn how to create a workplace that embodies compassion and kindness. 

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Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation. Attention & Focus practices.

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Understanding the Mind and

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Embracing uncertainty & change

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Understanding cause &


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The power of compassion (benefits for ourselves and others).



Compassion towards ourselves and others is a powerful tool that can positively impact our lives and the lives of those around us. During this program, participants will be able to learn valuable skills to apply in their daily lives to take compassionate action. By implementing these skills, participants will deepen their connections with others and boost their well-being. Communication is key, and learning how to communicate with compassion can lead to more effective and meaningful interactions. Ultimately, this program aims to equip individuals with the tools to support others and promote a more caring and empathetic society.

Our courses provide management with tools on how to measure & report ongoing well-being outcomes.

Who should attend? 


Key management/staff.


This course is delivered over 3 sessions. Each session is 1 hour in duration and is all the training in run online.

  * Please let us know if we need to cusomise this training to meet your specific requirements.

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