We are so pleased to have made a difference in peoples lives. The Awareness Academy is committed to helping people find their inner peace, fulfillment and joy. Please read some of the stories about how these courses have made an impact. Thank's to everyone for sharing with us your story. We love to hear the benefits.

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“After the course we got insight into Mindfulness and what it was. It created a sense of well-being that it’s not always about doing something professionally, but something that affects their personal life. This in turn created more of an impact as we as a company invest in personal life. The cost was priceless because what staff are taking away from is an investment in themselves. It really is priceless”


Jasbir Kaur -  Manager - Ignite Colleges

"Zac’s courses have been very helpful. Its a practice that transfers into your daily life, yet has helped me in my work life also. Its helped me to become much more conscious of the way my thinking was affecting my relationships. I think Mindfulness to large extent is about learning to let go of things and to not take things too seriously. It’s very easy to make everything into a big deal, and what mindfulness does is help with this, and helps life to become a lot easier."

 Richard Wilson - Home Energy Consultant

“One of the many benefits of the course that Zac ran, was that it helped me open my eyes, and to see things in a different way. Its helped me to have a different outlook on the way I see work also. I don’t stress about work now, as I would have done prior to attending the course. It’s made me reflect about my life, to help me get in touch with what really matters to me most.”

Sean McLaren - MD - Platinum Tiling