The Foundation Practice [101]

In this foundation course you will learn the principle practices of Mindfulness, and how they can be applied in you life. This course is ideal for learning about triggers, emotions and how we come to view the world through our own conditionings. The training will help to bring less stress. less anxiety, and more motivation to all participants. This course is designed to help with both personal and work life balance. It's a great course to develop better focus, be more productive and and to feel more connected to others. There are five modules to the workshop. See the modules covered on the right of this page. The course is completed  over five sessions either in person, or via Zoom. There is a different topic and Mindfulness practice taught in each session.


What you receive:

  • 5 hours of personal training on the five foundations of Mindfulness.

  • 5 guided Mindfulness practices each week. These accompany each sessions topic.

  • Useful articles, reading material and course work to study between sessions.

  • Follow up email summary of each session.

  • Ongoing support from the facilitator throughout the course at no additional charge.

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Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation.

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the Mind and

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Impermanence and Change.

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Practicing Mindfulness
(The 4 Mindfulness Practices).

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Power of Compassion (benefits for ourselves and others).