There Is Another Way..

Mindfulness is something everyone can cultivate. Anyone can do it with practice, and the correct training. Our evidence based courses at the Awareness Academy are unique however. The training combines psychology, science, neuroscience and millennia old mindfulness techniques. This training supports us on a journey that can bring happiness, fulfillment and inner peace. In our training you will discover how the mind and emotions operate, where our beliefs and behaviours come from and how the subconscious mind creates our own reality.
Mindfulness, and self awareness techniques can really help us cultivate more non-judgmental, non-reactive, present moment awareness. These powerful tools can then be used at any time in our lives. They help set us free from habitual negative thought patterns and to develop acceptance and resilience with life's inevitable ups and downs. You will also discover through our Mindfulness programs that it’s often our resistance to what feels uncomfortable that causes additional distress, more suffering at times.

The problem often isn’t the problem. Maybe the problem is how we're viewing the problem?

With this understanding we start to see states of mind and emotions from a very different view perspective. In a very empowering way. Also very changeable!

Our courses also cover the very important component of self compassion and compassion for others. When we look closely all people are just like us. They want to be happy and free from suffering also. Others after all have been conditioned in some way, just like us, and may not see the world in the same way as we do. They also feel that their view is the right view. Just like we often do! 
Let’s look at an example. We think about someone that we would rather not think about. Its ok. We all have these people in our lives! The thought of this person conjures up memories, and feelings that we don’t feel good about. Now if we examine that thought, when it originally appeared in our mind we can see that it's actually neutral at first. Neutral in terms of how it affects us. However when our secondary ideas about that that person (remember from just one thought) join the mix then a whole new process gets underway. We will have a memory of an experience with that person that in turn triggers an emotional response, a negative one in this example. In addition to this memory, we may also have a belief around why we may justify feeling angry with that person.
Wow! So many additions to the original one thought! 

The Awareness Academy's courses help us to accept, manage and to become friends with these processes which are a natural fabric of our lives.  

Brain Sketch

The brain that change Itself

Mindfulness practice has been shown to literally reshape our brain. Neuroscience has discovered that our brains start to change based on our experiences.


This “Neuroplasticity” shows that through Mindfulness practice the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes fear and anxiety has been shown to shrink. The frontal lobes that process our decision making, planning and thinking, actually start to thicken. The insula that is the part of the brain that’s responsible for self-awareness actually grows. People undertaking mindfulness training have shown increased activity in the area of the brain associated with positive emotion. Below are some links to studies carried out. 

See below some links to research papers on the positive effects of Mindfulness: