The Deep Dive [202]

In this fascinating course you will go deeper into what makes defines the ego, and how the subconscious mind affects our wellbeing, defines our characteristics and behaviours. You will see how our thoughts are creating our reality and be given techniques and practices that help us to uproot the deeper habitual tendencies that don't serve us.


We can then make significant changes to our beliefs and behaviors’ that govern our lives. There is also a unique module on health and well-being in a modern world. This course also includes more in depth practices on how to be aware of others and to help us develop better relationships both at home, and the workplace. 

For business' we can tailor a bespoke course based on some of your specific challenges, whether it be stress, change management, resilience or just better teamwork and collaboration etc.

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How to see the Deeper ego – How to make it your friend

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The Law of
Cause and Effect 

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Judgments and Justifications – How they lead suffering

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Commitment and Consistency – How
to set a regular habit

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Simple health
and wellbeing tips
and tricks.

Learn about..

  • 5 hours of personal training on the five foundations of Mindfulness.

  • 5 guided Mindfulness practices each week. These accompany each sessions topic.

  • Useful articles, reading material and course work to study between sessions.

  • Follow up email summary of each session.

  • Ongoing support from the facilitator throughout the course at no additional charge.


Who should attend? 

All staff with key management.


The course can be completed over 5 sessions (1 hour each).

We offer in-person and online training options.

* If interested in customizing this training to meet specific requirements, please contact us.