The 5 Pillars for Health & Happiness

An essential aspect of Mindfulness is health and wellbeing. Research shows that there are simply 5 main pillars to Health & Happiness. No new fad diet, supplements, and radical changes in lifestyle. The 5 pillars evidence based wellness program is about coming home again to how we used to live. Naturally. Good fresh healthy food, sleep, exercise, mindfulness/meditation & connections (loved ones, friends, family etc). In this course you will learn the specifics in these 5 categories on what you can incorporate into your lifestyle today. Easy, accessible and practical health and wellbeing skills. The course can be completed over 5 sessions via Zoom or on site in person. 


What you receive:

  • 5 hours of personal training on the 5 pillars.

  • A weekly plan to start the new habits. These accompany each sessions topic.

  • Course work to study between sessions including useful articles & reading material.

  • Follow up email summary of each session and module.

  • Ongoing support from the facilitator throughout the course at no additional charge.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation.

the Mind and

Impermanence and Change.

Practicing Mindfulness
(The 4 Mindfulness Practices).

Power of Compassion (benefits for ourselves and others).

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