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We run Mindfulness courses & courses to develop self Awareness. We work with both individuals & businesses.  


Our evidence based methodology builds resilience, reduces stress and creates better focus and productivity.  

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Our courses, based on over 25 years experience & research cover psychology, Science & Mindfulness & Meditation.

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Zac Parish is the founder of the Awareness Academy. He has developed the courses based on over 25 years of Mindfulness & Meditation study and experience. In addition to the courses he teaches weekly drop in Meditation & Mindfulness classes that cover both "Traditional" & "Contemporary" Awareness cultivating practices. Zac's background includes 25 years working in senior roles in the corporate sector so he understands well the challenges and stresses that can accompany a modern day workplace environment. He is also a Buddhist Monk!


“The benefits are huge. Its not just for work, but also for life. They are naturally intertwined. When you improve on one, the other naturally improves.”

Nimi Kaur / Managing Director
Ignite College

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