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Experts in Workplace Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing Training

Some of our clients

Explore the benefits of mental health & wellbeing courses for business and teams. How can we help?

We boost engagement. Screen fatigue, lack of focus and low energy can unravel productivity. Our techniques transform the way your team works.

We build new habits. Do people struggle with tiredness in your workplace? You’re not alone. We help employees regain energy and have a better night’s rest.

We invite stillness. The breath is a free tool, always at our disposal and can boost both focus and productivity. We help you turn inward to learn these methods.

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How We Work

Our evidence-based methodology strengthens workplace relationships. We foster self-awareness through informative and interactive sessions held online and accross muliple locations.

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Our Courses

Our evidence based courses have been developed from over 25 years of experience and research. We cobine the lastest practices informed by the fields of psychology and neuroscience and cover lifestyle, nutrition, and movement practices. We combat both workplace stress and negative health habits.

Our Founder, Zac Parish

The Awareness Academy is led by our mindfulness, meditation, and wellbeing expert and leadership coach, Zac Parish.

With learned experience in the corporate sector – he worked in senior roles for 25 years – Zac combines his business mind with six years of living as a Buddhist monk with 25 studies and research into food, nutrition and lifestyle.

The seemingly contrasting worlds have blended to show that modern workplaces don’t need to be places of stress and anxiety. With the right tools, workplace happiness and employee wellness are possible. Our courses strive for just that.

What Our Clients Say

"I highly recommend an Awareness Academy workshop with Zac for your workplace, especially if your teams working virtually in lockdown. His session was highly informative with topics ranging from posture, stretching, breath work, LUX/blue light management and daily desk movements."

Billie Charlton - TradeMe

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