It’s all about Awareness…

Founded by Zac Parish, the Awareness Academy’s vision is to make Mindfulness & Wellness standard practices in the workplace. When we cultivate more awareness we start to realise that happiness truly is an inside job. We can then get more control of our mind, and in turn our health.  The Awareness Academy’s courses teach powerful tools & techniques that help us awaken the innate happiness and contentment within. For both ourselves and others.

The Awareness Ambassadors


Zac Parish

Founder & Teacher

Zac's the founder and director of the Awareness Academy. He's been teaching Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness for over 20 years. His passion is on the mind and emotions, beliefs & behaviors and social and environmental conditioning. He has spent over 25 years working in the business sector and is looking to empower a new style of leadership in today's challenging times. He was also a buddhist monk for 6 years.

  • Zac Parish

Emilie Petitdemange

Program Manager

Emilie has been practicing mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis for the last 6 years. She describes meditation as a 'life changing' activity that anyone can practice easily and at any time. Everyone should give it a try! She had over 7 years’ experience in event management, sales and business development however her role is quite unique. She also helps with content writing, program management the online marketing for the Awareness Academy. She is passionate about making meditation and mindfulness accessible to everyone.

  • Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris Nov 2018 (1).JPG

Oliver Harris

Partners & Channels

Oliver has a real passion for helping innovative, and sustainable start up companies expand and grow. He has 25 years of international business development, sales and marketing experience and has built networks and relationships and networks in more than 75 countries globally. He is passionate about growing conscious, companies in the sustainability sector, with go-to-market strategy and execution. Oliver has practiced mindfulness for several years and would say that he is on the path with a very long way to go!

  • Oliver Harris